How to Franchise PR Gaz (Now Brent Gas)

Do what you love so that you would not have to work a day in your life. Although this saying is true but sometimes our interests in life does not really give us much luxury in life. In this era of increasing demands and wants of people, our salary is always never enough. We can’t […]

Do what you love so that you would not have to work a day in your life. Although this saying is true but sometimes our interests in life does not really give us much luxury in life. In this era of increasing demands and wants of people, our salary is always never enough. We can’t work multiple jobs because some has inflexible work schedule or it just seem impossible to happen. As we age, we also tend to have less strength and sometimes we can’t do the things that we used to do. Therefore, as much as we love to work forever to survive, it simply is not an option. Having your very own business venture is one of the best option available. You can be your own boss and you work at your own pace as you wished. With plenty of business ideas available, you may get confused or totally lost on which one to follow. If you can’t think of having your own idea, you need not to worry because there is franchising. With franchising, you can join the successful business ventures in the market and hop on to their popularity and garner their market as well. If you have not thought of the perfect franchise concept for you yet, then why not check out PR Gaz. See the details below for your perusal.

Company Background

PR Gaz products and services have a tremendous client base all over Luzon. Their stores are are situated all through key parts of Luzon such as in Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Cavite, La Union, Batangas, Laguna, Bulacan, Bataan, Zambales, as well as key urban centers throughout Metro Manila. It even got additionally popped branches throughout Baguio and even in the Bicol Area.

PR Gaz is known to be the first to franchise LPG in the country. PR Gaz has been in the trading industry since 1990. Back then, it was a wholesaler of liquefied or melted petroleum gas and one of its patrons was Caltex LPG. In 2003, Nelson Par came up with a revolutionary idea that paved the way to PR Gaz popularity in the franchising industry. He set up the very first convenience type of store that only sells LPG and named it PR Gaz Haus. From that point forward, it has developed branches in Luzon as well as turned across the country. To add more variety and uniqueness in their line of business, it created alliances along with unique products makers to market numerous cooking utensils as well as accessories. This step made PR Gaz outlets a one stop shop for the common household. This amazing store principle provided LPG items to consumers in a lot more easily offered approach, together with this kind of customer care innovations as buying LPG via text or call with cost-free shipping and delivery. It even comes with free stove cleaning.

Types of PR Gaz franchise

There are numerous venture sorts or alternatives in PR Gaz. The franchisee could select a framework establishment or a multi-unit establishment. Kindly see the subtle elements underneath to help you pick the sort of PR Gaz establishment suitable for you.

The PR Gaz Franchise has an aggregate venture expense running from Php 1, 200,000 to Php 1, 500,000. This franchise package is comprehensive of utilization of exchange name or logo, introductory stocks, customized store management, staff preparation, conveyance tricycle, and a retail programming or software.

Unit Franchise

This is a single outlet franchise or store that you could start up from scratch.

Conversion type of franchise

This PR Gaz type of franchise is also known as ConveSure. This type of franchise would meant owning a company outlet and converting it to your own.   That means you already have patrons and regular customers as you get this franchise.

Multi-Unit type of franchise

The multi-unit kind of franchise is a blend of the two aforementioned sort of PR Gaz establishment. This alternative is accessible for existing and new franchisee who need to expand by having two or more branches in a particular area or range.

Selectiveness of any city or area wide domain is given to another franchisee who’ll open another foreordained outlets as booked. Additional investment is obliged, for example, reserves for stockroom and for a conveyance pickup truck.

PR Gaz Haus franchise application process

  1. Secure a letter of intent that will be sent through mail or email.
  2. Submit a sketch map of the proposed location together with the pledge that you will oversee the store as a franchisee.
  3. Pre-qualification form should be filled out.
  4. Attend the initial personal interview.

PR Gaz Haus Franchisee’s FAQs

Franchise Cost of Investment: Php 1, 200,000 to Php 1, 500,000

Store Space Requirement: 25 to 40 sqm

Payback Period: 2 years to 3 years

Royalty Fee: 1% of gross sales

Contract: 5 years (renewable)

Trainings Included:  Franchisee training that will run for 5 days, staff training that will run for 2 weeks

A franchise representative will visit your PR Gaz Haus occasionally to render you direction and answer all the questions that you have. The establishment agent will likewise serve as your quality control. The organization additionally gives refresher programs or trainings as required. You will likewise be getting an operations manual to guide you in running your store.

Contact Details for PR Gaz Franchise

To know more about PR Gaz Haus franchise, feel free to reach them out through the following contact points below:

Mobile: 0917 817 7429